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Love in Action

Love in Action

This page last updated 15 December 2017

Everyone is invited to take part in this program by studying the sheets and attending the parish study sessions on Wednesdays as advertised in the Newsletter. You can access the Westminster Diocese Caritas Website at www.stepforwardinlove.org

The parish is following the Love in Action program from September to December 2017. The program has been created by Caritas Westminster in partnership with Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN) and other Caritas agencies and aims to help parishes to better understand the social teaching of the Catholic Church and then to help us apply those principles in our individual  and parish lives.

The parish is focusing on 6 modules over this period and the themes for these and the resources for them can be accessed from here as we study and pray about them.

Take home sheet for Option for the Poor

Prayer Card for Option for the Poor

Faith Sharing for Option for the Poor

Take home sheet for Dignity Workers

Prayer Card for Dignity fot Workers

Faith Sharing for Dignity for Workers

Take home sheet for Solidarity & Peace

Prayer Card for Solidarity & Peace

Faith Sharing for Solidarity & Peace

Take home sheet for Dignity

Prayer Card for Dignity

Faith Sharing for Dignity

Take home sheet for Care of Creation

Prayer Card for Care of Creation

Faith Sharing for Care of Creation

Take home sheet for Community

Prayer Card for Community

Faith Sharing for Community


Help us to see with your eyes,

To judge with the loving heart of your Son, Jesus Christ,

And through your Spirit to put love into action.